Our grapes are hand-picked, put in little boxes and vinificated whithin few hours from the harvest. Chardonnay is picked even just early in the morning, in order to have fresh grapes with a good temperature under 20 degrees. Grapes are immediatly brought to the wine press and ice-cooled without any enzyme or other additives.

Only the flower is used to make our Chardonnay "Gli Incontri", the rest will be sold as cask wine.

The must is placed in steel barrels and cooled further until 6/7 degrees, then poured with the addition of yeast and suphites.

Fermentation keeps going slowly under supervised temperature and after 15 days our wine begins to receive a series of batonnage until waiting on fine sediments for around 5 months. This befor the final cold-stabilization.

Fermentation ??-lactic usually doesn't happen, except years in which acidity is more marked and it‘s better to "soften" a bit our wine.

Wine is going to be bottled after a light filtering, this happens usually between April and May, and stays in bottles at leat 6 months before beeing drunk.

From 2013 we started to put some Chardonnay in french oak barrels. From this grapes will produce a special Riserva which will be ready for the end of 2015.

Merlot grapes are picked at the end of September and put in fermentation with special yeasts for 20 days. After this period wine is put in new Allier barriques in order to start its ??-lactic fermentation and the perfection, which lasts around12 months.

Now Merlot is ready to be bottled and it will be sold not before 2 years since grape harvest.

Sangiovese's vinification is similar to Merlot, except for the harvest which is in October and for the stop in barriques and then in tonneaus for a period of 18 months. It goes for sale after at least a year in bottle.

Rarely we go above 70 quintals per hectar for Chardonnay‘s production. Every grape is selected in vineyards so that ones that have not an absolute quality will stay on the plants, to become fertilizer for the land or food for local animals.

Every cellar's operation are made with non-invasive equipmets in order to respect entirely grapes‘ quality and to limit the use of chemical procedures for wine conservation. Often our bottled wines have a sulphuric quantity lower than 70 mg/liter (when limits of the low are 160/200 mg/liter).

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