New implants, situated at an altitude of 320/340 metres, have a density of 5.000 stumps each hectare and they are farmed in guyot. Expositions of different vineyards vary from east to south-west.

The soil here is strongly clay and chalky, hard to work every year, but very good. It‘s a kind of soil from which you get always amazing results. Within less than two hectars we have 6 separated vineyards, each one with a different variety and a different rootstocks.

This partition has been made after an accurate analysis of each little part of the soil, in order to get the best from every single vine variety. In the old vineyard there are clones of Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Mammolo, which found here a perfect habitat, ideal to lend wines a strong personality and substance, in a great bond between elegance and strenght.

In the most sunny area, where red and mineral soil is, we implanted two vine varieties for the passito (sweet wine) production: the historical Malvasia Lunga of Chianti (with its unique aromatic fragrance) and the Petit Manseng (hailing from french Pirenei with its eternal sour freshness). On the top of the hill Merlot takes place, where clays are tough, water goes away quickly and August gets grapes ready for September and its last caress. Only these extreme conditions let our Merlot become so explosive and velvety.

Together with old vineyard's grapes, young Sangiovese is beeing picked. It is made by 5 different clones, outcome of a selection on Chianti and Montepulciano's vineyards. This is the vine variety that better express tuscan personality: very frank, sometimes grouch, but able to win everybody's love without any compromise. On the most steep hill, exposed to the sunset, there are Chardonnay vineyards, our first passion, the one that brought us to fight against the stereotype that Tuscany is just "red-grapes land".

Actually raising this kind of white grape is a continuous challenge sets in very few days, when warm August's sun makes some room for first Septembre breezes. It is now that our wine gains its special aromatic profile.

Every year we try hard to reach the perfet balance between alcoholic power and aromatic finesse. We do have great expectations for our Grechetto as well, a underestimated vine variety that, with a good vinification, can be an amazing wine: very "understandable" but never banal.

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