Our company is entirely run following organic procedures since the beginning of this business. Watching a lot of vineyards ruined by weedkillers, infertile soils without any green blade or bugs, made us very sad, so that we decided to work hard in order to preserve at least our little piece of land. No herbicides, insecticides or chimical fertilizations. Only humus coming from vineyards themselves and from spontaneous weeds, sulfus and copper (less than 3 kilograms each hectar per year).

Sometimes we decide to enforce our vineyards using natural formulation such as propoli, seaweeds and nettle infusion.

BIO it's not a brand for us but an ethical personal choice, carried on with a firm beliefe. In the wine cellar, as well, we use only sulphites and selected yeasts. Purify and stabilization process are made exclusively by the chill produced from our solar panels plant.

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